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Caribbean Carnival Creates Cash

With the Caribbean Carnival Parade (weird to write that instead of “Caribana Parade”) taking place in downtown Toronto tomorrow, it is expected that over a million people will pack Lakeshore Boulevard among the other streets of the city's downtown core.…

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Making The Right Investments

It pays to invest into your own business. Naturally, that statement is practically a mantra around Synergy Merchant Services. Our years of experience with working with small and medium-sized business owners in Canada have proven that. When entrepreneurs decide to…

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Change Can Be Good

“I’m not looking to make any changes.” This is a phrase our funding specialists often hear from potential clients who are skeptical about the various benefits offered by Synergy’s merchant cash advance program. We emphasize the word “skeptical” because we…

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How You Can Help Japan

In yesterday's blog, we commented on the recent tragedy taking place in Japan. The country, ravaged by an earthquake and a tsunami last Friday, is very obviously in need of assistance. Just as was done during the crisis in Chile…

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