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Portfolio Five

Prepare Your Plans To Expand

The licensed funding specialists at Synergy Merchants have discussed numerous options with their clients concerning ways to use their merchant cash advances. Quite often, they will hear advertising, renovations or buying new inventory as ideas. These, of course, are all…

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Portfolio Four

Playing The Trump Card

Is there really ever such a thing as “having enough money”? I suppose, if you're speaking about a specific item or task that requires a set amount of cash in order to afford it, you might. But in the long…

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Canadians Still Vacationing

This past Monday, we blogged about a new study that found that the majority of Canadians are likely to go out of their way to support local businesses. As we have proudly mentioned before, small businesses in Canada are big…

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How To Be A Creep On The Cheap

In yesterday's blog, we took a look at a special article by Jim Ellis that explained that creating a Halloween costume does not have to be a costly experience. In fact, making your own costume is one way to celebrate…

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Creating A Cost-Effective Costume

Halloween is quickly approaching. And parents everywhere are in the midst of scrambling to decorate the home and prepare their children for trick-or-treating festivities. For some parents, Halloween is a time when they feel the strain of having to shell…

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Steps To Scoop Up More Business

For the past couple of days, the Synergy Merchant Services Blog has been focusing on a number of techniques that business owners can implement in order to generate more business. As you know, growing businesses is the name of the…

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Ways To Whip Up More Business

In yesterday's blog, we revisited the ever-important topic of bringing in more business to your company. Every day, here at Synergy Merchant Services, our licensed funding specialists discuss this topic with their clients. Being in the business of supplying money…

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Deeds To Drum Up More Business

At Synergy Merchant Services, we talk about the concept of growing business each and every day. It is the job of our licensed funding specialists to assist Canadian small and medium-sized business owners with getting the money they need to…

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