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Steps To Scoop Up More Business

For the past couple of days, the Synergy Merchant Services Blog has been focusing on a number of techniques that business owners can implement in order to generate more business. As you know, growing businesses is the name of the game around here. And providing Canadian business owners with merchant cash advances to do just that is what we are in business to do.

Of course, there are many things that Canadian small and medium-sized business owners may do with their money. But maintaining good business practices is what will ensure that a business experiences steady growth. Laura Tiffany of has helped us with a number of suggestions throughout the week. We’ll conclude our look at those tips today.

“Chat online,” she says. Using your website in addition to other social networking websites has become the most popular way to communicate these days. Blogs and newsletters are excellent marketing tools. But even more importantly is the way you interact with your clients.

Allowing them to respond so that they know their voices account for something is a great way to develop strong relationships with your customers. When you offer an e-newsletter, says Tiffany, it “establishes you as an expert, but it also provides another very important marketing tool: e-mail addresses of potential clients.”

Now you have a way of keeping in touch with clients to provide free information, in addition to first-hand knowledge of sales and discounts. Give your customers the “in” when it comes to your company. And hopefully they will come “in” more often! However, don’t just wait for them to find you online, Tiffany insists.

She writes: “Rather than purchasing an e-mail list for mass, impersonal advertising, spend some time trolling the Web, looking for businesses that have some sort of connection to your own business. Then write them a personalized e-mail telling them why you think they should build a business relationship with you.”

As always, we hope that our list of suggestions will help you take your own business plans to the next level. Our “More Business” blog series this week, was designed to get entrepreneurs thinking about ways that they can use their money to make more money. And this is what our licensed funding specialists do best. So give them a call, and start putting all these points into practice!

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