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Playing The Trump Card

Is there really ever such a thing as “having enough money”? I suppose, if you’re speaking about a specific item or task that requires a set amount of cash in order to afford it, you might. But in the long run, couldn’t we all use “more” money than the amount we all currently have?

Interestingly, Donald Trump is a person who comes to mind whenever I hear someone announce that he or she has “enough money”. On Trump’s hit television show “The Apprentice”, he is seen as a stern, business man who, during the course of setting up tasks for the show’s constestants, wakes up early each morning with one thing in mind – making money.

So if Donald Trump, a certified, world renown billionaire, still possesses the mindset that he wishes to make more money, shouldn’t we all be trying to do the same thing?

The merchant cash advance program offered by FastCap Financial offers owners of small and medium-sized businesses from all over Canada the opportunity to achieve that very task – make more money.

Like Donald Trump, the clients who take part in our merchant cash advance program think first of how they can use the extra capital to increase the success of their businesses. For example, some owners buy greater amounts of inventory in bulk knowing that the larger the order, the less expensive each individual item becomes. With the appropriate amount of advertising and the setting up of a sensible price point, the sale of these items can help a business double and triple their profits.

This is a situation that we have come across many times. Our clients are well aware that with smart business planning, the extra capital attained from FastCap Financial can allow for their company to grow to heights that may not have been previously possible. Expansion, the purchasing of new equipment, advertising and opening new locations are just a few of the ideas that our clients have made realities through the help of our program.

Perhaps, many of them watch “The Apprentice”. Getting a handle on the concept of spending money to make money just may help Canadian business owners to become Donald Trumps in their own rights. After all, “The Canadian Apprentice” would have a nice ring to it.

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