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Canada Supports Small Business

Canadian small business owners not only make up the client base of Synergy Merchant Services, but they also happen to make up the backbone of the Canadian economy. You don’t have to take our word for it. Numerous reports that have been released since the end of the recession have credited small business owners for helping the nation to bounce back.

Perhaps, their reputation with helping Canada to strengthen its economy is one reason that Canadians are so willing to support local retailers. According to an article posted by QMI Agency earlier today, a new study to coincide with Small Business Week found that Canadian shoppers are actually willing to go out of their way to support smaller local shops.

According to Scotiabank and Harris/Decima, 63 per cent of Canadian shoppers would either walk or drive farther to support a small business. 43 per cent of respondents said that they would also be willing to pay more to “help the little guy”, while 85 per cent revealed that they would spread the word about their favourite small businesses.

Said Scotiabank’s director of small business, David Wilton: “As Small Business Week kicks off, we want to acknowledge the value small businesses provide to all Canadians. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities, and when they succeed, we all benefit from their innovation, growth and the employment they create.”

This is all good news for our excellent clients. Perhaps, we had it the other way around at the beginning of this blog. Maybe the reason that small businesses are so significant to Canada’s economic growth is because of the support they receive from the great people of this nation!

The QMI Agency report makes clear that the majority of Canadians feel that that small businesses help to improve access to products and services. In addition, they create jobs while providing leadership in the community. The Scotiabank and Harris/Decima study did, however, point out a few spots where small businesses could improve.

According to the article, “Shoppers polled also said they’d like to see more personalized service (21%), increased advertising (20%) and more competitive prices (19%) from their local businesses.” As always, Synergy Merchant Services offers its innovative merchant cash advance program as a solution to helping small business owners put their plans to improve into action. Give us a call to find out how!

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