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Deeds To Drum Up More Business

At Synergy Merchant Services, we talk about the concept of growing business each and every day. It is the job of our licensed funding specialists to assist Canadian small and medium-sized business owners with getting the money they need to develop their businesses into even bigger entities.

Renovations, expansion and advertising are just a few of the suggestions thrown around as our team works diligently to find ways to help entrepreneurs in Canada grow their companies. Naturally, it takes money to get a plan off the ground. But, of course, a good business plan is necessary for a company to succeed. So how to start one up then?

On, Laura Tiffany lists several ways that business owners can utilize their funds to bring in more business. Some of her suggestions have to do simply with the way you treat your customers. Other tips involve a more in-depth look at how companies can publicize themselves to stand out from their competition.

One of Tiffany’s first tips is to greet customers “with style”. Something as simple as your voice greeting when someone calls your business can be a big enough reason to turn a customer on or off. Be sure that you don’t forget about you voice mail when considering your marketing plan. Make sure that it is courteous and professional and allows for enough options that the caller finds what he or she is looking for.

Tiffany also suggests that you narrow your focus in an attempt to pinpoint your target audience. You don’t necessarily want to market to everybody. Consider regularly attending appropriate trade shows and become part of specific networking groups that will benefit you in your field of business.

Making the most of trade shows, says Tiffany, is an important component to bringing in more business. Even if you don’t have a booth, it’s important for you to attend the event in order to mix and mingle with like-minded business people. You should never be without your business cards, or perhaps some promotional items to give away.

As many of our blog readers are well aware, Synergy Merchant Services takes part in the annual CRFA Show each and every March. We have a wonderful time each year, knowing that the event helps us to meet so many great people in the restaurant and food services industry. This is an industry, by the way, that makes up a very important part of our client base.

We’ll continue to take a look at some more of Tiffany’s suggestions on how to bring in more business over the next two blogs.

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