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Benefiting Well Established Restaurants

I had this client who had received money from an American merchant cash advance company. Unfortunately, this client got hooked into a “lock box” situation which required him to divert his batch out funds into a third party account which ended up delaying his batch out by 4 days!

This ultimately ended up putting my client in a worse off situation than before he had the money because now his checks were going NSF and he couldn’t sleep at night not knowing when the funds he already processed would become available to him.
This client called us from after searching for “Canadian Merchant Funding” and he described how much of a problem he was with his business. He was furious with the American merchant cash advance company because he was stuck until his advance was completely paid off.

Under most circumstances we would not be able to fund a company who already had a merchant cash advance with another company. However, in this circumstance the client had already repaid more than 50% of his advance and we really wanted to do everything we could for this guy to get him out of the situation he was in.

In the end, we ended up paying off the previous merchant funding company, giving the business even more money and we were still able to beat the original rate of the merchant cash advance given by the American company.

This business owner is one of our happiest clients as he has assured me that we truly saved his business.

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