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Benefiting The 2nd Season Pool & Hot Tub Companies

This particular client truly represented one of the most classic fits for a merchant cash advance. He had started his business at the beginning of last year and had an excellent summer and fall for pool openings and pool closures. Naturally, the winter was not quite as successful. As expected, business was substantially slower than the previous season.

After the hard fought winter, his business finally recovered with an incredible second season, opening and closing pools. Generating 60% more clients that year, he knew there was an incredible year to follow. However, the question remained. How do I make it past the slow season?

When this business owner finally discovered Synergy Merchant Services' cash advance program, getting him money was as quick as getting his statements and autographs.

We gave him $65,000 to hold his business over until the next season. Easily enough money for my client, he finally avoided the stress and headache of having to wonder if the winter season would “freeze” his business.
Now I know he sleeps well at night regardless of how his business is doing in the slow season.

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