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Benefiting Automotive Repair Shops

A client of mine who owns a growing auto repair shop in Saskatchewan had been offered an opportunity from one of Canada’s largest muffler repair franchises to expand and take on their name. That required him to upgrade his shop with vehicle hoists. As well, to meet some very tight safety regulations, it would cost him more than $50,000.

Although he qualifies for more than $50,000, this client typically would call on me once every 8 months or so for much smaller advances of about $10,000 because that’s all he ever needed. The advantage to my client was while in the meeting with the potential franchise, he was able to be confident when they asked the question: “Is funding for the new hoists available to you?” His easy and confident answer was “Yes”.

Since then, my client has achieved huge successes and unfortunately does not come to me so often for merchant cash advances anymore. Although he has referred many other clients to me, I look forward to funding his next big expansion because now he qualifies for $100,000!

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