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Your Privacy Is Our Top Priority

It is not uncommon for people to be concerned about their privacy in this day and age. Identity theft, credit card fraud and a number of other scams that misuse one’s personal information are unfortunately growing as the leading crimes in North America.
As a result, Synergy Merchant Services has always regarded each and every one of our client’s privacy with the utmost importance. Synergy Merchant Services’ Privacy Policy is: “To assist the client in a fast and professional manner, without sacrificing the safety and confidentiality of their personal information.”

It is our number one priority to keep our client’s information in the strictest confidence. In part, we have successfully achieved this through our electronically stored data base: “The Melochenator”. If it sounds to you like “The Melochenator” is a futuristic, privacy-keeping, data-storing, war machine – it is! (All except for the “war machine” part).

In actuality, this online client filing system – which is exclusive to Synergy Merchant Services – and accessible only to our very well-trained staff, allows us to maintain an organized, accurate and easy-to-update data base while upholding all privacy procedures with intense dedication.
In addition to having all of our client files stored via a system accessible only from our Toronto headquarters, Synergy Merchant Services proudly maintains a secure working environment that is nearly 100% paperless.

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