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Synergy’s Birthday Boy John Meloche Makes Headlines

“You cannot imitate what everyone else is doing and stand head and shoulders above the competition at the same time. The timid shall remain forever invisible. You must look at the competition to see what they’re not doing, instead of emulating what they do.”

-John Meloche’s motto

Long-winded? Maybe. Poignant? Perhaps. Accurate? Definitely!

These words have helped guide Synergy Merchant Services’ Vice President of Marketing, John Meloche along a road to success that is far from being completely paved. Today, on John’s 29th birthday, while still on his quest to achieving greater accomplishments, it is he who is doling out the gifts! Among the most invaluable are his inspiring mantras about how to find success in one’s field of choice.

Quite the success story before even having entered his 30s, John was interviewed this past weekend by and shared his wealth of knowledge and experience with the world of young would-be entrepreneurs.

January 26th is not just John’s birthday. Today, John Meloche celebrates 14 years in the marketing, consulting and web design businesses. As he explains in his interview, John is the owner of three incorporated companies and the co-owner of two more. He has all of this today although his original objective was to simply spend some time dipping his hands into ‘just-for-fun’ ventures. “I used to do everything in my power to do and get everything for free hoping the next free job I (did would) lead to bigger and better things” says John.

However, the success of John’s business endeavors began when he discovered that “bartering” was more advantageous than working for free. He soon negotiated having posted ads for his businesses on the websites he designed, thus gaining him the experience needed to adequately learn how to self-promote. Now, for example, John is a master at utilizing as many of the best key words possible to maximize traffic to his websites through search engines like Google and Yahoo.

You may be wondering who the source of John’s main inspiration is. Good friend, Jason Liddard, says John (and Benjamin Franklin, of course. How could one not be inspired by someone’s whose face is on money?!). It was Liddard who encouraged the birthday boy to do what he loves and persue his dreams setting him on a path to having one goal in mind: “to be the most successful person I can be”.

Of course, John encountered some hardships and potential disasters along the way. However, the word “failure” never really entered John’s vocabulary. During the interview, he speaks of a system crash ten years ago that caused the hard drive on his computer to fail. Losing the work done for several clients’ projects, John had to do some damage control in an effort to not completely lose his client base. Through truthful explanations and apologies, John was able to salvage some of his customers, unfortunately losing those who could not be appeased.

More importantly, John learned a key lesson in data storage. Having processes in place to ensure that such a calamity never repeats itself today, John now also lives by another motto: “That which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”.

These days John mainly manages his many projects instead of getting his “hands dirty”. “My experience now is typically best spent directing others”, says John. And no one does that better than John!

As the Vice President of Marketing at Synergy Merchant Services, John was recently crowned the Greater Toronto Area’s “Ultimate Office Manager”! His tireless efforts to encourage and motivate his staff, in addition to the expert work he has put into perfecting “The Melochenator” – Synergy’s secured online data base and client filing system – continue to prove that John’s dedication, determination and positive attitude are the key ingredients to his success.

By the still-youthful age of 29, (John insists he’ll be celebrating his “29th” birthday for years to come), John Meloche has done much more than become a talented and successful entrepreneur. He has endeared himself to his friends and co-workers as an all-around awesome dude. Sometimes teased as a “gentle giant” (John stands at approximately 6’7″!), he is the type of guy that would make one feel compelled to refer to him as “John” throughout an article, as opposed to the traditional ‘reference-by-last-name’ schtick predominant in media reporting.

And while today, John is offering up gifts of inspiration to young entrepreneurs – “Focus on diversification and think about the big scheme of things”, he advises – it is with immense respect and admiration that Synergy Merchant Services wishes John a very happy birthday!

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