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Your Choice How To Make Sales Rise This Fall

At Synergy Merchant Services, we offer owners of small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to get merchant cash advances to grow their companies. One of the biggest benefits of our program is that it allows our clients to do whatever they like with the money they receive.

Unlike a bank that requests detailed business plans, we do not insist that our clients tell us what they plan on doing with their money. Most, however, are only too eager to inform us of their plans. So, we thought that we would share some of those ideas with you today. After all, who better to discuss our program than the clients who are taking advantage of it?

Offered one of our clients: “During the fall season, I do all I can to buy new inventory. With the holiday season on the way, it only makes sense for me to get as much stock as I can now, because I know that the shopping rush will soon be here. The last thing you want to do is not have enough supply for the upcoming demand.”

“I put most of the money towards advertising,” said another of our great customers, “Shoppers are always looking for deals in my area. So I make sure that I flyer my entire community to let them know that my store is where they can find the best deals. To me, if you’re not advertising, you’re simply not trying to make money!”

Because our clients may do whatever they like with their cash advances, it gives them a lot of freedom to do many different things. One of our clients insists that there is no one reason to get additional funding to grow your business. In fact, the more options one has, the better it is for business.

“I prefer knowing that if the money is needed, it’s there. The last time I used a merchant cash advance, I made some repairs and spruced up the place a little bit. I also bought some new inventory and started a special sale to commemorate the start of the summer season. I had enough left over to do the same once the fall started. It works great!”

As always, we encourage you to contact one of licensed funding specialists to find out how our merchant cash advance may help your company to grow. And there’s no such thing as “too late” with us. Remember, that you may have access to funding in as little as five business days! It’s time to make your sales rise this fall!

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