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New Jets Should Bring New Divisions

With the Winnipeg Jets making their triumphant return to the National Hockey League yesterday (okay, they lost 5-1 to the Montreal Canadiens, so it wasn’t so “triumphant”), the entire nation of Canada has a little something more to cheer about this hockey season. Going from six to seven teams in the NHL, hockey fever is riding high in the nation. Perhaps, it’s the highest it has ever been!

The sold-out MTS Centre was all abuzz yesterday afternoon, as the Jets marked their official start of their newly acquired life in professional hockey. After having the previous Jets leave Winnipeg to become the Phoenix Coyotes back in 1996, the NHL is back with a vengeance in the capital of Manitoba.

At Synergy Merchant Services, there are many hockey fans. But it is not lost on these forward-thinking individuals that the new Winnipeg Jets present a bit of a dilemma in the current National Hockey League. “They’re going to have to come up with a new division alignment,” insisted one of our reps last week.

Just like the funding specialist that he is, this member of our staff, is always thinking about ways to improve, move forward and build a better brand. This, of course, is his job daily, as the merchant cash advances he provides for his clients all come with the intention of having that business owner make changes to his or her business that will help it to grow.

“The Jets used to be the Atlanta Thrashers of the Southeast Division,” he pointed out, “They share a division with Florida, Tampa Bay, Washington and Carolina. It only makes sense that since the team moved to Winnipeg, they share a division with Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. It’ll make for great rivalries.”

So we decided to put our specialist’s mind to work. How would you reconfigure the NHL divisions to make sense of the Thrashers moving from Atlanta to become the Jets in Winnipeg? Our associate smiled, revealing that he had already thought all of this through and was prepared with an answer.

“Division alignment, as you know, is based on geographical location,” he began, “so it makes sense for the Jets to play in the Northwest Division. This should bump the Minnesota Wild out of that division to play in the Central Division. That should bump the Columbus Blue Jackets out of that division to take the Jets’ place in the Southeast. Simple!”

Well done, we think. But we’ll have to wait for next year’s NHL season to kick off to see how accurate our specialist is with his realignment suggestions. In the meantime, we are confident that he’ll help you make plans to bring your business to the next level. Give us a call to figure out how. And oh yeah…Go Jets Go!

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