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What A World

Humour us, if you will. Imagine a world where tens of thousands of dollars miraculously appear in your bank account almost out of nowhere. Provided that you are well aware that it has appeared through legitimate and legal means, what ideas would you have about how to spend it?

As a business owner, it goes without saying that you are always thinking of ways to improve your business. These plans don’t always have the opportunity of being put into action because the money needed to do so is not usually readily available. But, now remember you are living in this imaginary world where the money is available. What would you do with it?

Renovations are popular choices for business owners who know that a fresh look and feel of their stores are what is needed to grow business. Advertising, to many others, is a key component to bringing in more customers. Expansion is often on the minds of entrepreneurs as opening a new location would literally double their profits.

If only fulfilling these dreams were possible, it would be a better world for business owners everywhere. Now we would like for you to exit that imaginary world and come back into the real one. Believe it or not, there is a legitimate and legal way to put up to $125, 000 in your bank account within five days in this world.

We don’t blame you if you are skeptical. Most clients of Synergy Merchant Services are skeptical upon first hearing of our merchant cash advance program. “How can it be possible that I can get that much money that quick?”, many of our new clients wonder aloud. The truth is, your Visa, MasterCard and Interac receivables have great worth.

And in fact, your future credit and debit sales – yes, the ones you haven’t even made yet – can have great worth to you right now. Receiving a cash advance literally means that you can receive the money that you will eventually make through your point of sale terminal before you even make those sales. In other words, you can get your cash…in advance.

This concept, which is still pretty new to many Canadian business owners, has helped so many of them turn their imaginary worlds into realities. Of course, in the real world, money doesn’t just appear out of nowhere into your bank account. In order to receive a cash advance, a business owner must first receive a free review of their monthly merchant statements to determine how much of a cash advance can be made available to his or her business.

Now, imagine a world where those merchant statements determine that you are eligible for a sum of money that will allow you to renovate, advertise or expand just as you had dreamed. This world really does exist. It’s time to give Synergy a call to discover just how close you are to realizing your business dreams.

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