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How To View Your Interview

Earlier this week, we blogged about how many job seekers are losing out on potential career opportunities by not properly updating their references. Apparently, some references forgot they were even references at all. Others provided less than stellar reviews of the job applicant in question.

Clearly, it is important to make contact with anyone you list as a reference prior to having them named on your resume. Be sure that they not only agree to be one of your references but that they are willing to vouch for your reliability and skill level during your previous position. It could be the difference in whether or not you are employed again.

Today, we would like to add to that by making a few suggestions to those seeking employment as it relates to the job interview. As we mentioned, earlier this week, being on time is key. Showing up late for an interview is a surefire sign that you cannot be depended on to get to work on time.

As well, be sure to dress appropriately. Not all jobs require a dress code, but you don’t always know that before your interview. Regardless, you will want to present yourself as someone who takes pride in his or her appearance and is willing to put an effort into making a good first impression. Remember that what you wear is the first thing your interviewer sees, even before your resume.

One suggestion for men is to wear a nice dress shirt with slacks. A tie isn’t always necessary, but it can’t hurt either. Ladies should dress professionally as well, without being overly revealing or suggestive. Common sense is of the essence in this situation.

Now, when you get to the interview, be sure to make eye contact with the person who is interviewing you. Show confidence and courtesy. Be sure to smile and engage in banter if it is offered before any serious line of questioning. Don’t forget to use business appropriate language. Keep in mind that you are not speaking to one of your friends at a party.

This may sound obvious, but bring a resume! Surprisingly, many employers have commented about how put off they have been to interview people who don’t even put in the effort to come readily prepared with a resume. Show that you are serious about attaining employment. Bringing a well written and presentable resume is the least you can do to prove you are legitimately seeking work.

Utilizing these simple tips will help you to make a good impression. You may not necessarily be qualified for every job out there. But the last thing you want to do when seeking employment is to present yourself in a poor way. Many job opportunities have been lost, not just by offering up bad references, but by having bad job interviews. Don’t let that happen to you.

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