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Weigh Your Options

It always good to have options, isn’t it? Take dinner, for example. You may love Italian food, but what if it were the only type of cuisine available to you? You’d probably get sick of it. It’s always great to know that there are a variety of foods to choose from out there. Who doesn’t want Chinese take-out now and again?

Well, we at Synergy Merchant Services recognize that adding an option to attain extra working capital is a good thing. In fact, it’s a great thing. For years, both business owners and consumers alike have practically been forced to believe that there is only one place to go to get money. The bank.

With our merchant cash advance program, we have introduced to Canadian business owners an option that we sincerely encourage to be weighed against the other options they may have. Our funding specialists often hear our prospective clients reveal that they “have a line of credit” or may simply “go to the bank for money”.

Not only do we expect this to be the case, but we are hopeful that it is, indeed something that our clients have looked into at some point. That way, a knowledgeable business owner will be better equipped to compare our quotes to the situation provided to them by their banks.

Think of it this way. If your car broke down, you could take it to one mechanic to have it repaired. But unless you visit more than one body shop, you will not be able to properly determine what your best options are. Perhaps, one mechanic can offer better service. Meanwhile, the other may offer a better price for the repairs. It becomes incumbent upon the car owner to decide what decision is best for his or her vehicle.

Likewise, we believe that a business owner should weigh all of his or her options. It’s great to know that a line of credit or business loan may be available to you at your local bank. But by getting a free, no obligation quote from Synergy for a merchant cash advance, you may just find that you do not have to resort to your first option.

Of course, our merchant cash advance program operates much differently than a traditional bank loan does. Firstly, no credit check is required. Secondly, no collateral or liens are necessary. And thirdly, we can have a quote prepared for you literally within minutes of your first phone conversation with one of our licensed funding specialists.

The no-hassle process is both quick and easy. Many of our clients cite this initial easier-than-they-expected process as a major reason why they considered a merchant cash advance as an alternate source of funding for their companies.

As always, if you feel that the program is not for you, no problem. But the least you could do is weigh your options to determine what source of funding may be the best for you.

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