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Toronto Is Hot!

It’s hot out there! We’re not sure what the weather is like all throughout Canada, but Toronto is experiencing one of it’s hottest days on record. Today, The Toronto Star‘s website reports that today’s temperature, so far, has been recorded as the second hottest day in the history of the city!

According to, “The daytime temperature today is expected to reach a scorching 37 C. Toronto has only been that hot once, when it reached 38.3 C on August 25, 1948 according to measurements at Pearson airport. Factor in the humidex and Thursday will feel like somewhere in the mid to high 40s.”

While not the hottest day ever, there is, however, the possibility that today may break the record for hottest July day in Toronto as the previous record of 37.6 Celcius was set back on July 7, 1988. For many people, this is welcome news. Haters of the winter just love it when the sun is out and the weather is warm. And, we have quite a few of them around the Synergy Merchant Services offices.

“I love this,” said one of our elated reps, “I have no idea what people are complaining about. When it’s winter time, we complain that there is too much snow covering our cars, that it’s freezing, that everything is a mess, that we have to put on too much clothes to keep warm. So why have a problem with shorts and t-shirt weather? It’s amazing!”

Nevertheless, Toronto has issued an extreme heat alert today. So, needless to say, it will be important for residents of the city to find ways to beat the heat. listed one very interesting method to keep cool that many people may not know about. Although it’s true that no driver has to worry about scraping snow off of his or her car, there is a concern about baking inside of it!

You know how cars can heat up when they’re sitting outside in the sun? Well, a Japanese YouTube video posted on today helps drivers by demonstrating a unique cool down method. Apparently, the trick is to push the hot air that has been concealed in your car out before buckling up.

How do you do that? Open the window on one side of your car. Go to the other side of your car and open the door, then close it. Repeat this opening and closing process several times. Essentially, the opening and closing of the car door is creating a fanning effect that will push the hot air out of the open window. No word yet on how effective this technique is, but we know a lot of Synergy reps who are willing to try it. Good luck!

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