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Overcome Your Fear

Many people fear what they do not know. This is why there is a widespread fear of the dark. Perhaps, it’s not the dark that is scary but it is the idea that you cannot see anything that is nerve wracking. For business owners, not knowing what the future holds can be a scary thought.

The licensed funding specialists at Synergy Merchant Services are very familiar with working with individuals who have great concerns about the futures of their businesses. The economy, over the past few years, has fluctuated so greatly that many wonder whether or not they will be able to sustain such dramatic changes going forward.

It is, however, very rewarding to know that Canada leads the world in economic rebounding. But this doesn’t necessarily put everyone’s fears to rest. For the most part, entrepreneurs are well aware that in order to succeed in any marketplace, a business must keep updated with the times.

This means that technology must be updated, inventory must be renewed and new features must come along with the products and services that are usually offered. To put it simply, business owners are constantly thinking of ways to grow their businesses. Of course, this is what they all should be doing.

Among the biggest concerns about how to do this, however, is how to afford it. We are long passed being surprised when one of our clients tells us that they were turned down by their local bank for a loan. Regardless of Canada’s strong rebound from the recession, banks still seem to make the process of loaning money a harrowing one.

At Synergy Merchant Services, we work to quell the fears of small and medium-sized business owners across Canada. We do this by making the process by which a business owner gets approved for a merchant cash advance a simple and quick one. All it takes is a review of a merchant’s credit and debit sales going back one year.

No collateral or liens are necessary. And our clients also don’t have to worry about interest rates or fixed repayment schedules. Instead, Synergy purchases some of the merchant’s future Visa, MasterCard and Interac transactions at a discount. The money can be received in as little as five days!

The repayment process is, in fact, the best part of the program. Automatically with every credit and debit sale, a payment to pay off the advance is made. A small percentage of each transaction represents a repayment. Therefore, there is no such thing as being late or having to worry about accruing interest rates. So…there is no need to be afraid!

Give one of our licensed funding specialists a call to learn more about getting a free, no obligation quote today!

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