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Throw It Out The Window

We’d like for you to do us a quick favour. Walk over to the nearest window. Open it. Now we’d like you to throw a few things out of it! Collateral, liens, credit checks, detailed business plans and a fixed repayment schedule. Thanks, we appreciate you working with us! Now, how did that feel? Not too shabby, right?

Business owners from all over Canada have been taking advantage of Synergy Merchant Services’ merchant cash advance program knowing that it is not like a traditional bank loan. One of the biggest concerns that entrepreneurs have is the fact that they are forced to put their home, car or business on the line when trying to borrow money from the bank.

Well since collateral and liens have been thrown out the window, our clients need not worry about such criteria. Since a merchant cash advance is not a loan, it does not entail having to put anything at risk. With our program, you would not be borrowing money. Instead, you would be selling some of your future credit and debit sales.

This is why participating in our program does not require a standard credit check. By this, we mean that you are not going to have the money advanced to you appear on your credit bureau. Again, it isn’t borrowed money, so it won’t affect your credit score. Remember that your Visa, MasterCard and Interac transactions are being purchased.

Remember those business plans of yours that were thrown at the window? Well, you actually may want to hold on to those. Most business owners choose to renovate, expand, advertise or buy new inventory. No matter what you use the money for, however, you do not have to tell us about it.

Naturally, we would be curious as to what your plans are. In fact, our licensed funding specialists are experts in helping business owners put their cash advances to good use. The thing is though, that informing us about your plans for the money is not a mandatory requirement to receive the money.

In other words, if you want to take your merchant cash advance and use it to pay for a vacation…go right ahead! Finally, the best part about our program is the way you pay it back. Unlike with a bank, you will never be given a schedule to follow in order to make payments.

Instead, your payments will be made automatically through a small percentage of each of your credit and debit transactions. It’s easy and seamless. Getting started is as simple as contacting one of our licensed funding specialists today to get yourself a free quote at no obligation. Just get ready to open your nearest window!

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