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The Turn Of A Decade Brings New Hope

A new decade is almost upon us. What will you be doing to secure your business’ success as we enter into 2010? At Synergy Merchant Services, it is not uncommon for us to hear from a business owner he or she does not “need” any more money. But how could this ever possibly be true? The nature of business is to make a profit. In order to do so, money must be spent intelligently to invest into the business. Therefore, with the proper inventory and advertising, a greater amount of money can be made back through sales.

It’s a simple formula, isn’t it? So if a business owner wants to make more money, wouldn’t more money be required in order to do so? We are very understanding that many Canadian business owners are working on recovering from the harshness of the recession of this past year. Drops in sales have often resulted in cost-cutting measures of reducing staff. So why would a business owner be looking to spend more money now?

Well, that’s just it. In order to recover from a slower than normal year, businesses need to reinvigorate their consumers with the knowledge that their products and services are worth their costs. Companies need to fight to regain not only their presence in the marketplace, but their dominance of the industries they represent as well.

Synergy makes the process to ensuring that businesses can afford going to the next level an easy one. We encourage Canadian business owners to spend no more than a few minutes of their time speaking to one of our licensed Funding Specialists. We are confident that the information provided can help take their businesses in a direction they never thought was previously possible.

Remember that our quotes are absolutely free. And there is never any obligation to participate in our merchant cash advance program. Also keep in mind that no credit checks are required and no collateral is necessary to be put on the line. A simple look at a merchant’s monthly statements that reflect Visa, MasterCard and Interac sales is all it takes to receive the free quote.

Now we know that at this time, not all business owners are thinking of expanding their businesses in the new year. We also recognize that, for the most part, the reason for this is that many of these owners feel that it is unrealistic to do so. This is because so many have resigned to the fact that they cannot afford their plans to grow.

We pose the following question to those business owners. If you had an extra ten or twenty thousand dollars in your bank account five business days from today, do you think you could find a use for it?

We believe that any Canadian business owner who accepts Visa, MasterCard and/or Interac cards as methods of payment can certainly make use of the cash advances available to them from Synergy.

Getting a quote is the first step. Believing that you can truly succeed is the second.

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