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Synergy VP John Meloche Headed For The Heat

As Canadians get prepared for the holidays, many are excitedly looking forward to next week’s large family gatherings, huge feasts and the giving (and receiving, of course) of gifts. Some are looking even beyond next week into the final week of the year as they welcome in not just another year, but a brand new decade.

For those Canadians, this week marks the beginning of plans to have a party to usher in the new year surrounded with friends and family. Synergy Merchant Services Vice President of Marketing & Chief Technology Officer, John Meloche, on the other hand, has other plans.

“I’m headed to the Dominican Republic!” exclaimed John to his now-jealous co-workers earlier today. Making sure to rub it in to everyone who intends on staying in the freezing Toronto cold this holiday season, John described his plans for what he hopes to make a yearly tradition. Of course, if it were up to John, he’d spend the beginning of every year on a tropical beach. And who could blame him?

With the gloriously warm weather, cool blue ocean and luxurious beaches, any trip to the Caribbean is a popular choice among travelers during any season. The notoriously cold Canadian winter is even more of a reason, however, to jump on a plane once Christmas is over.

“It was either that or Jamaica, mon!” explained John in his best Jamaican accent. John, who has been to Jamaica three times now, practically considers it his second home. Clearly, traveling is among his favourite pastimes.

“I’ve been to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Belize and even Guatemala,” boasts John. Along with his lovely fiancée Kathryn Papadacos and a few other close friends, John will be making his first trip to Punta Cana this month. An extremely popular vacation spot, Punta Cana boasts beautiful beaches and a gorgeous climate.

And while the rest of the Synergy Merchant Services staff seethes with envious rage (masked by all of our well wishes and “make sure to take pictures” remarks), the rest of Canada is invited to party it up with John and his friends this new year.

“Come join me at the VIK Hotel Arena,” insists John. Overlooking the incredible beach of Bávaro, this resort boasts a wide array of activities and amenities. We are sure, however, that John and company will have no trouble finding themselves a bunch of ways to have a good time.

“If only I was a store that accepted Visa, MasterCard and Interac,” John told his team earlier today. “That way I’d take a merchant cash advance from Synergy and go on vacation every year!”

“Why not just stay on vacation…” mumbled an associate who will remain nameless.

Just joking, John. Have fun and happy new year!

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