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Synergy Money Wows CRFA Show Visitors

So another CRFA Show has come and gone. And we, here at Synergy Merchant Services, already can’t wait for next year’s event! As expected, the annual hospitality event put on by the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association was an incredible success. We have spent the last three days meeting business owners of all kinds and having a wonderful time speaking to each of them.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, many of our new friends were hearing about merchant cash advance for the first time. So, naturally, we were only too pleased to fill them in on all the benefits that our program has to offer. Of course, there were many types of entrepreneurs who came to this year’s CRFA Show. And not all of them owned stores or restaurants that accepted credit and debit cards.

So while our merchant cash advance program wasn’t exactly suited to each business owner’s company, our promotional gifts sure were! As we have done in the past, Synergy Merchant Services adopts a flyer that is designed to look like a Canadian one hundred dollar bill to promote our company.

In CRFA Shows of past, we would keep a plate of these one hundred dollar bills in stacks at our booth only to find that they would end up missing by the end of the three day event! Evidently, everyone loves money…even if it isn’t real. Keeping in mind how popular this marketing strategy has been, we came up with an even more inventive way to use our phony bill flyers this year.

Synergy’s Vice President of Marketing, John Meloche hasn’t earned his title for nothing. He sure knows how to market and promote. And he also knows how to have a good time too. Along with a few other members of the Synergy staff, John took a stroll throughout the luxurious Direct Energy Centre over the past few days randomly dropping one hundred dollar bills every several steps.

“Excuse me sir, you dropped something!”. “Oh, is that yours?”. “I think some money fell out of your pocket!”. These and many other exclamations of kindness poured out of passersby each and every day. To John’s delight, he was only too happy to reply that he “had plenty more where that came from!”

For many visitors to the show, a big laugh came out when they realized that the money dropped to the floor was a phony bill…but a great marketing tool nonetheless. At times, John and his team would walk briskly enough through the building so as to not get stopped by people noticing the fallen money.

Seeing the curious expressions on the faces of those who ran to pick up the lost hundred dollars was a priceless experience. Of course, each CRFA Show is an amazing experience and we would like to send a special hello to everyone we met this year. If you missed out on this year’s event, we certainly hope you’ll take advantage of the great benefits that will be provided to you at next year’s show.

Who knows? You may find a hundred dollars!

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