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Come To The CRFA Show!

What an amazing time we’ve been having so far at this year’s CRFA Show. As we’ve been excitedly talking about for the past few weeks, Synergy Merchant Services is a proud member of the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association, and we are at our fourth consecutive CRFA Show right now!

Beginning yesterday, this incredible annual event has already given us the amazing opportunity to meet with so many different members of the restaurant and foodservices industry. Developing relationships with these professionals in person is not something we are always able to do. So we are so grateful when we get the chance to do so.

We’ve already enjoyed hearing some interesting stories and realizing how small the world is. Apparently, we know so many people who know people we know! And that’s just how networking works isn’t it? Meeting like-minded professionals at the CRFA Show is one of the biggest benefits that the event provides.

Building these relationships is what allows for the name of your business to be spread in a positive way. Because you are able to provide that personal touch, you know that the meeting will be a meaningful one. Your rapport developing skills will definitely need to come into play to help build your business along with helping others to do the same.

As if that wasn’t reason enough to visit this year’s CRFA Show, today there’s another great line-up of seminars in store for you! Learning about various products, cooking techniques, recipes and restaurants through these seminars makes for your visit to the show to be an even more wondrous experience.

If you can get yourself to the CRFA Show today, here’s what is in store for you, according to “Mark McEwan at 11 and 2:30, Lynn Crawford at 11:30 and 3:30, Derrick Tu Tan Pho at 12:30, John Placko at 1, Susan Trianos at 2, Anna Olson at 4, Barista Latte Art at 5.”

In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit the over 1,200 exhibitor booths that provide countless samples of the most delicious foods. By the way, don’t forget to visit Synergy over at booth 1009. As always, we look forward to building our business relationships by helping businesses across Canada to grow. See you soon!

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