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Proud To Be Canadian

Happy Canada Day everyone! Now, it goes without saying that everyone across Canada loves a long weekend. But this long weekend is sure to be a favourite this year. With Canada celebrating another year as a nation today, we were reminded in the Synergy Merchant Services office yesterday that Canada Day doesn’t always fall on a Friday.

As a result, Canadians don’t always get a long weekend at the beginning of July. This year, however, with Canada Day on a Friday, our reps and many of our clients couldn’t be happier. The truth is, however, having a long weekend off of work is not the sole reason why Canadians are so happy today. There is a great sense of pride being shared throughout the nation.

We took the opportunity to speak to our reps about this sense of Canadian pride yesterday and, in fact, even received some sentiments from some of our clients as well. As we celebrate Canada Day today, we’d like to share some of these thoughts with you. Of course, we are always proud here at Synergy to be “Canada’s Merchant Funding Company.”

Offered one of our funding specialists yesterday: “I take great pride in being Canadian. Our nation is truly comprised of a unique collective of individuals from all walks of life. Having the opportunity to speak to so many of these people across the county on a daily basis, I’m fully aware of how incredible our country is.”

“Canada is made up of very hard working individuals who also happen to be among the most friendly and courteous people in the world. In fact, I know that we’re known for that worldwide. There is a genuine sense that together we can build as a nation. And for a country with no many different people in it, it’s awesome to experience that sense of unity.”

One of our amazing clients had this to say: “Isn’t it wonderful to be Canadian? Our economy is strong and our people are even stronger. We may not be the biggest country in the world, but I got news for you. We are among the most respected. I have many tourists come into my store who mention how much they love this country. I’m proud to be Canadian every day.”

Hockey, beer and beavers. These may be the stereotypical images of what people associate with Canada. But on Canada Day today, we celebrate a nation of multiculturalism and unique talent. We know that you must be just as proud as we are to be Canadian. Enjoy your day…and your long weekend everyone!

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