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No Time Like The Present

Is there really ever such a thing as the “wrong time” to get money for your business? Many business owners across Canada have responded by saying that “it’s not the right time” when they were first asked about getting additional working capital for their companies.

What exactly does that mean though? It would be strange if a business owner actually meant to say that he or she would wait until things got worse for the company before considering trying to save it. Synergy Merchant Services, of course, is not in the business of trying to save companies.

Instead, our objective has always been to work with companies who are doing well…in an effort to help them to do even better. So when entrepreneurs respond with a “not the right time” response when asked if they could use some extra money, we always remind them that there is no better time than the present to invest into their businesses.

We are firm believers that to assume that there is any time when a business owner should NOT think about growing his or her business is equivalent to having a defeatist attitude. It is no different than assuming that one cannot be successful if they were to put forth an idea into action.

Most often, business owners feel that they will not be successful with their plans because they do not have the working capital necessary to put the plan into action. The notion that banks are making it harder for business owners to get business loans is getting more and more popular.

This is, obviously, due to the fact that banks are lending less and less these days. So, it’s no wonder that some company owners feel that now may not necessarily be the time to grow their businesses through expansion, renovations or the purchase of new inventory.

The quick and easy steps taken to get a merchant cash advance, on the other hand, have helped many a Canadian entrepreneur become successful in making their business dreams come true. There is never a wrong time to take your business to the next level. There is only a wrong attitude in thinking that your business cannot grow now.

Give one of our licensed funding specialists a call today and we are sure that you’ll be glad you did. You know the time is right.

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