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G20 Brings Big Business

Talking about small businesses in Canada is what the Synergy Merchant Services Blog does best. And how couldn’t it? Providing small businesses in Canada with the easiest way to get extra working capital is what Synergy Merchant Services does best. So it’s not surprising for this blog to discuss different ways in which entrepreneurs in Canada can grow their own small businesses.

This week, however, the City of Toronto – which happens to inhabit Synergy’s headquarters – has been taken over by the anticipation of this coming weekend’s G20 Summit. And while we have touched upon the disruptions in the city as a result of protests and rallies, today we recognize those who have taken the G20 situation as an excellent business opportunity.

In yesterday’s edition of The Toronto Star, Emily Mathieu revealed that “gas masks, flexible plastic sheeting, T-shirts and bullet-proof glass” are all the rage now that the G20 has hit T.O. Apparently, these items will be and are in high demand due to the controversies surrounding the hosting of the summit this weekend.

Mathieu discusses Stadia Industries Ltd., a window and door installation and repair business, which is preparing its workers for action “the moment a brick or rock is thrown through a window.” Apparently, the potential of a riot can translate into big business. However sad this may be, Stadia owner Tim Byrne is confident that this is true.

Said Byrne: “All the guys, all the trucks are being parked at every single building…They are going to sit there until the first rock hits the glass.” He will have employees set up in temporary workshops all over the downtown core this week with several more on call. In the event of a violent protest, they will be ready.

Mathieu writes that “there will also be trucks on standby, ready to drive around the city to seal off broken windows with plywood and boards.” She also notes that Byrne has invested about $65,000 into buying supplies, expanding his staff and arranging for transportation during the G20 Summit.

Evidently, from potential tragedy can come financial triumph. As Byrne explains: “As a Canadian I don’t want anything to happen. But I am also a businessman and I need to take advantage of the situation as business arises.”

Menswear store, GreenShag Bespoke Clothier on Queen Street West feels the exact same way. They currently have a limited edition collection of G20 t-shirts that feature the CN tower fashioned in a way to resemble two fingers flashing the peace sign. They have another with the same tower transformed into just one finger. We’ll allow you to guess which one.

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