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Nixing The Notion Of Not Needing Money

It may be a bit early to ask this question but we would like to go ahead and ask it nonetheless: Got any plans for the new year?

And no, we don’t mean what New Year’s Eve party you plan on attending or throwing, but the ideas you have for achieving greater success in the upcoming brand new decade. With 2010 being under two months away, there is no better time than the present to begin thinking about the various ways in which you can help grow and expand your business to meet the needs of your consumers in this ever-changing and advancing world.

Especially with the economy looking to improve in the forseeable future, it would be advantageous to think of how you will compete in the marketplace once it recovers. Have you put any thought into renovating, expanding, advertising or even opening up a new location of your store?

Interestingly, most of our very satisfied clients first expressed that they had “no need” for money when contact was first initiated between us. In our experience, we have found that the idea of not “needing” money is based primarily on the fact that most business owners believe that the money they DO need is not realistically attainable.

With all of the hassle that Canadian business owners are forced to go through when approaching a bank for a business loan, it’s no wonder that many of them have resorted to the concept of not being in “need” of money. We suppose that if you convince yourself that you don’t “need” the money, you won’t be disappointed when you don’t get the money!

Synergy Merchant Services works diligently to destroy that notion.With a simple look at a business owner’s average monthly credit and debit sales volume, a free quote can be given so that he or she may know exactly how much money is available to him or her. Five business days from the time that this quote is given is as long as it takes for a merchant cash advance to be deposited into a business owner’s bank account.

For some of our clients, it is still hard to believe that the process was literally that easy. Not only does our program help for them to develop numerous ideas for what they would “need” the money for, but it inevitably allows the company the flexibility to spend wisely in an effort to promote greater profits.

It is our sincere belief that Canadian business owners “need” to give themselves the opportunity of at least knowing how much money can be made available to them through our unique program. A few minutes of your time is all that it takes to get one step closer to no longer “needing” to put off your dreams for success in the new year.

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