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Give Yourself More Credit

Don’t let the title of today’s blog fool you. By no means do we advocate business owners taking out a line of credit, only to have to worry themselves with increased debt and regular monthly payments that seem as if they’re never going to end. Actually, we’re referring to you Canadian business owners out there who are yet to take advantage of the benefits of accepting credit and debit cards as methods of payment in your shops and stores.

At Synergy Merchant Services, we have spoken to countless business owners who comment upon how much extra business they received once they started allowing their customers to swipe their cards to make a purchase. These days, it is not uncommon for people to walk with only their cards, freeing themselves of the responsibility to keep cash on them.

Of course, merchants who still only accept cash as a means of payment miss out on sales that would otherwise help their business to accumulate greater profits. Not only that, but having a point-of-sale processor allows for Canadian merchants to take advantage of Synergy’s merchant cash advance program.

One of the very few criteria for participation, the acceptance of credit and debit cards as methods of payments allows for Canadian business owners to attain a free, no obligation quote from Synergy to determine just how much extra capital can be secured for their companies.

Moneris just so happens to be the largest merchant processor in Canada. As their website exclaims, Moneris processes over three billion transactions a year for over 350,000 merchant locations across North America.

If you are yet to establish a relationship with a POS processor, going with the best would be a wise choice. Moneris has enjoyed being the leaders in the industry due to what they call “The Moneris Difference”.

As their website states: “Transaction processing is our business. Moneris is the industry leader because we focus all of our energies on the three key elements of processing – technology, innovation and people. These strengths differentiate us in the marketplace and allow us to deliver exceptional value in transaction processing.”

Are you looking to expand and your grow your business? If so, and you do not yet accept Visa, MasterCard and/or Interac payments in your store, perhaps it’s time you “give yourself more credit”!

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