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Making Your Renovations Work For You

In yesterday’s blog, we discussed a few ways that business owners can renovate their stores without losing any customers. Naturally, many entrepreneurs fear a dip in business when closing their doors to the public during the renovation period. Robert Thomas of QSR Magazine writes that a shut down isn’t always necessary, but if so, there are ways around making it a detriment to the business.

Thomas mentions that when closing your doors, the renovation process must be a speedy one. In addition, the renovations must be financially feasible. Of course, this is where Synergy’s merchant cash advance program comes in so handy. It provides merchants across Canada with the money they need to get the job done.

Obviously, this is important, as Thomas reminds business owners that employees have to be considered during the renovation process. He admits that we wouldn’t have been able to pay his employees if he had shut the doors of his business during the renovation period.

Keeping his doors open while reimaging his store not only meant that he was creating a buzz among his customers, but he was keeping his staff happy and motivated. He noticed an “increase in morale and work ethic because they knew that with this reimage, with the potential of more customers and more money, they would be rewarded as well.”

Finally, Thomas insists that you “rely on your franchisor”. This advise, specific to those who own parts of franchises, contends that you should “make sure to get complete support from corporate. A lot of the times, it’s their decision anyway in regards to a new look.”

Franchisees, mentions Thomas, often wish to be in complete control. However, utilizing advice from the corporate office can be very beneficial, if not mandatory. At the end of the day, all parties involved want to make more money. And if your renovations are done quickly and properly, making more money will be the end result.

Writes Thomas: “If you’re looking to make more money, they will offer nothing but support. Both parties have the same interests and can mutually benefit one another.” Be sure to contact Synergy Merchant Services to find out how you can get the money you need to begin renovating your store!

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