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Answer Your Advertising Questions

There are so many different things that Canadian business owners may do with the money they receive from Synergy Merchant Services’ merchant cash advance program. One of the many benefits of the program is the fact that our clients may do just about whatever they like with their money. Unlike with a bank loan, no specific business plan is required.

However, there is an obvious importance that should be placed on the plans for the money. This week, we have been blogging about the ways in which renovations can add new life to your store, bringing in new customers as you continue to impress your old ones. Advertising is also a go-to solution to building your business. But it’s imperative that you do it the right way!

On, Roy H. Williams discusses ways to build a successful advertising plan. We writes that in order to advertise your company successfully, there are a number of questions that need to be answered first. It is not just about how much money you are spending on your advertising campaign, but it’s about how much money you intend on making back.

The first question to be answered, according to Williams, is “What do you have to say that matters to your customer?” He insists that you should be able to make your customers care about your business whether they are interested in your products and services or not.

Customers tend to ignore ads that do not speak to them directly, he writes. It’s all about your message, not the medium you choose to communicate it. Don’t assume that the consumer has any knowledge of your brand, be sure to grab the attention of anyone who comes into contact with your ad.

Second question: “Can you say it persuasively?” Sometimes, less is more, Williams reminds us. Try not to say too much or this will render your ad ineffective. As well, be sure not to leave out important details. Sometimes an “all-encompassing” ad speaks to no one. He cites “We Fix Cars” as an example of a “terrible headline for an ad”.

“Are you speaking to a felt need?” asks Williams. Instead of simply stating that you fix cars, can you communicate that you specialize in a specific type of car care? How can you prove that you are an expert in your field with respect to specific vehicles? Show that you know what you’re talking about and pinpoint your target market by clarifying your expertise in 2002 BMWs, for example.

We’ll complete our look at these advertising questions to ask yourself in tomorrow’s blog.

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