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Make Your Business Blossom This Summer

In the past, we’ve made it no secret that we’re big fans of summer, here at Synergy Merchant Services. And how could you not be? The sun is shining, the weather is warm, beautiful and bright. And everyone just seems to be happier. This, however, isn’t necessarily the sentiment shared by small business owners across Canada.

For many industries, the warm summer months actually translate into less business. Many people go on vacation while so many others are busy enjoying other activities. So what to do about the potential drop in business that may be coming up? Well, perhaps it’s time to start thinking of ways to spike business during your summer months!

Who could be better to come up with ways to build business in the summer than a creative marketing company from Arizona? Headquartered in a place that arguably experiences summer all year round, 23 Kazoos has published a number of suggestions for business owners to increase sales during the warmest months of the year.

According to 23 Kazoos, it’s all about creating a spectacle at your place of business. For example, you may want to research local celebrities such as a hometown athlete and make your place of business the official birthday headquarters for that person. This will help develop the reputation of your store as a fun and exciting place to do business.

If you can find someone of interest celebrating a birthday this summer, invite him or her as well as fans over to your store to celebrate with a big card, a banner and other activities to make sure that everyone knows that your store is the place to be that day. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves so that they keep coming back to your store long after the summer is over.

If not a birthday party, a barbeque will do just fine. Invite everyone you know and don’t forget to utilize your Facebook and Twitter accounts to draw attention to the event taking place at your establishment. 23 Kazoos suggests that your refer to the barbeque as a “networking mixer” that encourages people to bring their business cards.

Here’s a fun one. Have you ever thought about trying to set a world record? Is there a product or service offered by your company that can be used in some way to set a new record involving your customers? 23 Kazoos notes that”Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs has been sponsoring a hotdog eating contest since 1916.”

This summer, use your imagination, have some fun and think of ways to make your business a fun attraction. Remember that it is all about getting repeat business so having customers enjoy their experience at your place of business is the key. Summer doesn’t have to be filled with “dog days”. It can be a time where your business shines brightly!

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