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Major Renovations For Mickey D’s

Renovations are among the most popular of choices for Canadian business owners when considering ways to improve their businesses. As we have written in numerous blogs before, renovating your store presents its customers with a newer and fresher image that connotes that you are changing with the times and committed to staying innovative.

Every so often, one of our licensed funding specialists will speak to a client who insists that he or she “doesn’t need to do any renovations”. Now, while things may be going fairly well for your business, it doesn’t mean that sprucing things up a little would hurt. In fact, all businesses need to renovate at some point or the other.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, renovating is an important part of remaining competitive in your marketplace. Just ask McDonald’s. Arguably the most popular fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s has pumped a lot of money into reconfiguring their restaurants over the past few years.

And they aren’t through yet! Yesterday, Christina Rexrode of the Associated Press released an article detailing the plan for McDonald’s to spend another $1 billion on renovating its Canadian restaurants. Now, some people may think that McDonald’s doesn’t have to do anything to increase sales. But that’s certainly not how this massive company thinks.

Do you know a company with more television commercials than McDonald’s? Perhaps, there’s a reason the fast food chain is popular, even in spite of all the evidence of how bad the restaurant’s food is for your health. According to Rexrode, the restaurant has plans to become more technology-friendly.

She writes: “The world’s largest burger chain said the changes, including fireplaces and flat-screen TVs, will create ‘more inviting and relevant’ restaurants. Dining rooms will be divided to accommodate for large groups and those who want to linger over the free Wi-Fi access.”

In addition, patrons of the McDonald’s can expect to see new colour schemes, stone and tile accents and wood tones. Apparently, there will be more of a focus on young adults than there will be on children, as the restaurant was commonly known for its play areas in the past.

Rexrode notes that money will also be put towards making the customer experience more enjoyable as some restaurants will receive added drive-thru order boxes to speed up wait times. Perhaps, these renovations are, at least in part, an answer to the more health-conscious adult who has decided to exclude fast food from his or her diet. No matter what, they prove that all companies can make use of renovations at some point.

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