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Is Enough Money Really Enough?

Is there really such a thing as having “enough money”? It would be an amazing experience if such a thing was ever true. If we all had “enough money”, we wouldn’t need to go into work every day. Nevertheless, many clients who first hear about our merchant cash advance program insist that they have “enough money”.

Well, we completely understand that perhaps, as the owner of a small or mid-sized business in Canada, you may not want to involve yourself in something that is foreign to you. And our licensed funding specialists usually discover, after having conversations with such owners, that they most certainly could use some extra working capital.

It is important that we make something clear, because the concept of the merchant cash advance has often been misinterpreted. Our mission at Synergy Merchant Services is to assist Canadian business owners by helping their companies grow. To be very honest, we are not in the business of “saving” businesses from bankruptcy or debt.

So there are times when business owners feel that by expressing that they have “enough money”, they are communicating that their companies are not in financial trouble. It has never been our intent to imply that about any business. Our funding specialists have gained a lot of experience getting to know that the most successful business owners are the ones that are best suited for our program.

We believe that an owner of a company that is doing great business will best know how to utilize our merchant cash advance program to turn an even greater profit than he or she is used to. And while our cash advances can be used for literally anything the business owner wants, we know that they are best used when the money is invested back into the business.

Take, for example, a restaurant owner who has a very successful bar and grill operation. He gets tons of patrons, especially on the weekends and days when a major sporting event is taking place. By all accounts, he is successful and could rightfully claim that he has “enough money”.

However, he knows that if he were to add or expand a patio outside of the restaurant, he could entertain hundreds of more customers throughout the summer season. He could, potentially use his own money to construct this patio. But doing so, of course, would force him to dip into his personal savings and/or use money that would generally be used for payroll and inventory among other things.

Instead, he decides to not use his own money and put a merchant cash advance towards the cost of the patio. While not spending any money of his own, the owner now has a new patio installed that significantly increases the amount of sales his establishment makes.

The payback process is as easy as continuing to process credit and debit sales as his restaurant does regularly. Therefore, once the repayment of the cash advance is made, that owner is instantly earning greater profits than he ever has before without having to use his own cash.

This may sound like a random example, but it’s the truth. It has happened before, and it could happen for you. Whether or not you feel you have “enough money”, you may still want to consider the cash advance option to bring your business to the next level.

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