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Further Job Growth Expected This Spring

Synergy Merchant Services continues to add to our ever-growing staff, and we’re pretty excited about continuing to grow our company. If you are seeking employment and live in the Toronto area, give us a call at 1-866-299-0101 to book an interview. You never know, Synergy just may be the place that will help launch your career in the merchant cash advance field.

We are proudly maintaining our efforts to foster employment growth in Canada knowing that it is a necessity for the nation to follow through on its mission to work its way out of the recession. One of the world’s leaders in rebounding from the global financial crisis, Canada is diligently improving its rate of providing more job opportunities to hard-working Canadians.

This has been evidenced by a QMI Agency article from earlier today that revealed the findings of the recent Canadian Job Market Report. Published by, the report predicts that Canada’s employment rate is poised to continue growing throughout May and June. Based on positive results found in an April study, the report estimates that the nation’s best hiring months are ahead.

According to the report, Canadian job postings increased by 1.9% to 200,924 advertisements. This is a 15.3% increase from April of last year. In fact, a Statistics Canada labour report notes that the number of jobs added by Canadian employers last month was nearly four times more than what economists had predicted.

Interestingly, Canada’s littlest province, Prince Edward Island posted the highest gains with a whopping 43.1% increase in new job ads. Newfoundland and Labrador followed suit with nearly 20% more ads posted for job opportunities. Ontario, meanwhile, had a 0.8% increase in job ads.

QMI’s article points out, however, that not all provinces were able to contribute to Canada’s employment opportunity gains in April: “The number of ads fell in three provinces, led by Saskatchewan with a 1.2% fall from last year. Alberta had a drop of 1% and postings in Quebec fell 0.9%.”

Evidently, the nation is not quite out of the woodworks yet, as they say. By all means, there remains much room for growth throughout Canada as it continues to recover in the post-recession era. That being said, it should once again be acknowledged that Canada is among the leaders of the world in rebounding from the financial crisis that struck the globe.

We will attempt to keep our own doors open to allow for opportunities to be provided for those seeking employment in the merchant cash advance field. For many, Synergy has provided an excellent introduction into the industry. Just as importantly, we have padded the stats for job growth in Canada. As always, we’ll keep an eye on further developments.

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