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Dot-ca Crossed A Significant Milestone 1,000,000 Regitrations

On Monday April 13, 2008 dot-ca crossed a significant milestone – the registration of the one-millionth dot-ca domain name!

"This achievement marks a significant milestone in the history of dot-ca domain names and demonstrates the pride that we all take in maintaining a unique, Canadian presence online.

Dot-ca is a made-in-Canada success story that started with the registration of the first dot-ca domain name in 1988 and follows the rapid growth of the Internet. Your registration and your domain name have contributed to this success and form part of the million-strong dot-ca community on the Internet.

The staff and Board of Directors of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) would like to thank you again for choosing dot-ca for your domain name and look forward to your continued support." says Byron Holland, President and CEO & Debi Rosati Chair, Board of Directors –

Needless to say. We have been motivated and are considering how to contribute.

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