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Don't Get Caught In The POS Trap!

I'd like to communicate a very important note about what we here at Synergy Merchant Services refer to as "the trap".  

In many cases our competitors' primary business is NOT merchant cash advances but actually point of sale systems and processing commonly known as P.O.S.

You will find that many other funding companies will offer merchant cash advances as a way to switch over business owners to their own processing simply to trap them into being their P.O.S. client (in many cases, locking them into long term P.O.S. contracts simply for receiving a merchant cash advance in their business’ time of need.)

Synergy Merchant Services is the only company in Canada to have long-standing relationships with some of Canada’s largest and most reputable payment processors like Moneris, Global Payments and many more.

What this means to our clients is that, in many cases, you will not need to switch your payment processor. The great part is that since the primary function of Synergy Merchant Services is to offer you the money you're looking for to build your business, we will never force you to switch to any particular P.O.S. company.  We're funding the futures of Canadian businesses and receive no profits switching you to an approved processor.

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