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Continuing To Make The Right Investments

In yesterday’s blog, we took a look at an article written by small business expert, Stephanie Chandler from In it, she explains that many business owners have reservations about spending money to grow their companies. However, finding a return on your investment may not be as difficult as you may assume.

Revisiting this topic and this article, we’d like to offer more solutions as to how one may use his or her money to increase sales and accumulate more customers. After all, that is the overall objective of each and every one of our clients who secure themselves a merchant cash advance.

Of course, if this money is not used to help the business grow, what good is it? Education is key, says Chandler. Putting your money towards learning new strategies will pay off exponentially in the long run. She cites business owners who spend hours struggling with computer software programs as an example of something that can be avoided after spending money on a three hour class on the subject.

Have you ever considered outsourcing? Hire a personal assistant who can help you save a bunch of time on paperwork. Writes Chandler: “If you can hire someone for less than $500 per week, you will actually save from your investment while freeing up your time to focus on generating new business.”

How about trying to improve your business image? You don’t want to compromise your business image when trying to save money. Looking unprofessional will most certainly work against your wish to grow your business. For example, do you have an outdated, unattractive website?

It’s important to invest in a web designer and blog writer to ensure that your site is in tip top shape and is updated regularly. You’ll want to draw as much traffic as you can from search engines, as well. According to Chandler, your website has the potential of being a “money-making machine”.

Your business is obviously important to you. So it’s important to take the time to make the proper decisions about what to do to improve your business. Not spending any money at all on improvements is certainly not the way to go. But with some proper planning, you can spend money in the right places to take your business in the right direction.

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