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Avoid Missteps To Get Your Job

With summer in full swing, there are many students out there who are currently working summer jobs. Then again, there are also a lot of students out there who may still be seeking work. Going to job interview after job interview and not landing any positions can be frustrating.

It can be especially upsetting if you simply can’t figure out what it is that is preventing you from landing a job. On The Toronto Star’s website this past weekend, Sheryl Smolkin commented upon a number of things that can prevent people from impressing their would-be employers during job interviews.

She writes about a recent study that confirmed that many job applicants are still not following “proper job etiquette”. As a result, they severely hurt their chances of getting the positions that they are applying for. Smolkin offers up a number of tips that may help young job seekers avoid these missteps.

Number one, according to Smolkin, is to present a professional image when you come to a job interview. It’s true that one should not judge a book by its cover…but then again, it’s also true that you don’t have a second chance to make a good first impression. In order to make sure your first impression is a great one, follow a few simple steps.

Ensure that you don’t dress too casually, suggests Smolkin. Have your clothes neatly pressed and clean. Be sure to have your hair neatly groomed as well. Don’t go overboard with perfume or cologne and avoid putting on too much makeup. In fact, while some people don’t put enough effort into their professional appearances, others tend to overdo it!

It’s important to be mindful if you have any piercings or tattoos as well. Many young people take part in the trend to get tattoos or multiple piercings without considering how this may affect them in their job hunts. Be sure to cover up any inappropriate ink and keep the earrings in your ears!

As Smolkin points out, your style of dress will depend primarily on the nature of the workplace. Of course, if you’re applying for a position at a tattoo parlor, you may want to consider ignoring some of the tips mentioned above! We’ll continue to take a look at this concept in tomorrow’s blog.

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