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4 Last Minute Steps For A Black Friday Blowout

As we first announced a couple of weeks back, Black Friday comes this Friday, November 27th. Surely, that’s not news to you. The annual occasion is well-known as the busiest shopping day of the year. That, of course, is due to the significant discounts that are popularly offered on items of all sorts. Is your store adequately prepared for Black Friday?

Here are four last minute steps for a Black Friday blowout:

1. Start your Black Friday sales NOW!

Who says you have to wait until Black Friday to offer your Black Friday sales? Start right away! Promote the fact that, all week long, your store will be offering tremendous savings. Getting the jump on the annual occasion will encourage shoppers to visit your store before waiting to check out the competition. Starting early also helps shoppers to avoid long line ups and wait times when the big day arrives.

2. Announce hourly specials.

Once you’ve done your part to get shoppers to visit your store, it’ll be important to encourage them to spend as much as possible. A great way to do that is to incentivize them with special deals that will only be available at specific points during the day. By announcing a new special each hour, you’ll encourage more impulse buys. As Nicole Martins Ferreira notes on, hourly specials will both encourage spending and keep customers coming back.

“It helps to offer Black Friday deals on all items in addition to the Deal of the Hour,” she writes, “For example, if you offer 40 percent off everything, then your Deal of the Hour could be 50 percent off or higher, further discounts on particular brands or items, or other combinations of sales. Don’t forget to create a homepage banner for each hour you’ll have a deal.”

3. Place signage everywhere.

On Black Friday, it’s imperative to get as many customers in and out of your store as possible. That way, you can maximize sales. One way to help the flow of traffic is to direct it through vivid signage. Place signs in all appropriate areas of your store to show shoppers where they can locate specific items. Your signs should also clearly display the significant discounts that await your customers.

4. Update the layout of your store.

Black Friday is a special day, right? Be sure that the layout of your shop doesn’t look like it would on any regular day of the week. Megan Howse of iQmetrix contends that if you want customers to treat Black Friday like a special occasion, you must reflect that in your store.

“Change the store layout to direct traffic to the best Black Friday deals,” she advises, “This is the best time of year to upgrade your store with endless aisle software to really show off top products and prices. With an endless aisle, you can be sure to add to your in-store shopping pathways to highlight special promotions and even to manage the crowd (goodbye customers waiting for sales staff!).”

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