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Why You Should Give Gifts To Your Customers This Holiday Season

As you know, the holiday shopping season is one when the majority of purchases being made are gifts for loved ones. But, in our last blog, we pointed out how important it is for store owners to offer gifts to their customers. Gift-giving is quite the business booster! It can help to grow sales, keep your brand on the minds of customers and grow your company culture. In today’s blog, we’ll further our look at why you should give gifts to your customers this holiday season.

It strengthens your customer relationships.

Have you taken the time to get to know some of your loyal customers? It’s one thing to know their names. It’s a whole other thing to know their likes and dislikes. In some cases, it’s wise to personalize the gifts you’re giving. If you know a sports enthusiast, for example, a gift bearing his/her favourite team logo would be a good idea. Or, as suggests, someone who enjoys cooking will appreciate a set of rare spices or a special cheese cutting board.

“On the other hand, a person who has a refined taste in alcohol may enjoy a unique collection designed for DIY cocktails,” offers the website, “Moreover, if you want something more unique and impressive, try looking for loyalty programs for luxury fashion brands. If you offer someone a membership with special perks from their favourite luxury fashion brand, you won’t be forgotten!”

It can generate long-term loyalty.

How do you get a first-time customer to become a long-term supporter? You could do a lot worse than to gift that individual with something of value. Calgary’s Bumble Bee Baskets points out that following up a sale or closing of a project with a gift is a great way to extend your relationship with a client.

“Not only does this give you a reason to follow up with the client, you’re showing you them that the work you did together was more than ‘business’ to you and your company,” says their website, “Never forget that your customers are more than transactions – they’re people. Treat them well and show your appreciation!”

It communicates your appreciation.

There’s nothing like a sincere “thank you” to build and grow your customer relationships. After all, where would your business be without its customers? By offering gifts to your holiday shoppers, you show your store’s supporters how much their support means to you. This type of gift-giving can be especially effective when you personalize it with a handwritten note. The personal touch always goes a long way!

“No one expects you to make the gift (unless your company is producing luxury items), but it helps to add a personal touch to the gift,” notes, “You can do this with a handwritten note, where you thank them for their patronage and invite them to continue enjoying the collaboration. While the text should be well-thought, it’s the handwritten part that does the trick — a recent study found that people of all ages appreciate the effort that goes into writing a few lines.”

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