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Why Run The Risk?

Generally speaking, pedestrians look both ways before crossing the street. Car drivers wear seatbelts when behind the steering wheel. Motorcyclists wear helmets when riding their bikes. In other words, we naturally take precautions to protect ourselves from peril. There is no need to take any unnecessary risk.

Ironically, owners of small and medium sized businesses all throughout Canada take risks on a regular basis. With nothing else in mind except for their local banks when thinking of securing extra money, many entrepreneurs put themselves in a position where they are vulnerable to losing something they own.

It begs the question, why would a business owner put himself at risk for the sake of his business? Of course, it makes sense to invest in one’s business. But is it worth potentially losing the company during the course of the investment? Banks often request that owners put up some form of collateral when requesting a business loan.

Our clients have told us that everything from their family cottages to their cars and homes have been requested as collateral from a bank that they attempted to borrow money from. Obviously, if these assets were put up for collateral and some financial catastrophe occurred that prevented the owner from making a timely payment, the assets could be lost forever.

Restaurant owners know about this all too well. Our reps have heard many stories about the numerous warehouses owned by banks that are home to large ovens, freezers and fridges. Put up as collateral from restaurant owners seeking loans to help grow their businesses, these items are often seized by banks looking to salvage their losses.

With Synergy Merchant Services cash advance program, no collateral is required. One thing is for certain, if a Canadian business owner decides to utilize a merchant cash advance to help grow his business, he is a lot less at risk than if he were to deal with the bank.

One of the greatest benefits of working with Synergy for an entrepreneur is the peace of mind in knowing that there is no risk in that regard. The most any owner has to lose is a few minutes out of his or her day talking to one of our licensed funding specialists. And by the way, considering how friendly and fun our specialists are, a conversation with one of them could never truly be considered a loss!

Speak to one of our esteemed reps today and you’ll find out for yourself just how risk-free our cash advance program is. A simple review of your monthly merchant statements will bring you one step closer to knowing how much money your company is eligible to receive. No collateral is necessary. So there is no risk of losing anything…except for the headache of dealing with a bank!

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