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Why June Is Actually A Perfect Month To Hold A Back To School Sale

We’re still in the month of May. That means that, for the most part, students all over the country are thinking about the end of the school year – not the beginning of the next one. Retailers, however, should approach this time of year with different mindsets.

Why not come up with ways to cash in on back to school season long before back to school season starts? It is a great way to get a leg up on competitors! Believe it or not, June is the perfect month for retailers to start planning their back to school sales.

Back to school shopping is a major event for families.

In fact, it’s the second-biggest shopping season of the year after the winter holidays. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2021, families with children in K-12 schools planned to spend an average of $848.90 on back to school shopping. By starting your sale in June, you can get a head start on capturing a significant chunk of that spending.

Holding a back to school sale in June gives parents more time to prepare.

Many families start shopping early to avoid the last-minute rush and to spread out their expenses. By starting your sale early, you are providing an opportunity for parents to get a head start on their shopping. This can be especially helpful for families with multiple children or those on tight budgets who need to plan their purchases carefully.

The end of the school year is a good time to take stock of inventory.

As the school year wraps up, you can take a look at what items were popular during your past year of business. You can then use that information to plan for the next year’s back to school sale. By holding the sale in June, your retail store can clear out any remaining inventory from the previous year and make room for new stock.

Holding a back to school sale in June can help build customer loyalty.

By offering early access to deals, your shop can show its customers that it value their business. You brand can be showcased as one willing to go the extra mile to keep consumers happy. Customers who have positive experiences during back to school shopping are more likely to return to the store throughout the year.

An early back to school sale can help your stay ahead of the competition.

By starting early, you can beat out your competitors who may be waiting until later in the summer to hold their own sales. In addition, your retail store can get a sense of what its competitors are offering and adjust its own sales accordingly. By staying ahead of the game, your brand can attract more customers and increase its revenue.

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