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Examining The Rise Of Cashless Stadiums And Sports Facilities

If you’re a Toronto-area baseball fan, chances are that you may have already paid a visit or two to Rogers Centre over the past couple of months. Our hometown Toronto Blue Jays have been playing very competitive baseball. Although they’re currently on a bit of a losing streak, the team has been pretty exciting to watch thus far.

Visitors of the former SkyDome have been treated to amazing new digs thanks to some pretty elaborate off-season renovations. Jays fans have also noticed that something has changed in the world of payment acceptance.

Rogers Centre is now officially a cashless facility.  

“Rogers Centre is accepting cashless payment only throughout the ballpark,” informs the Blue Jays’ website, “Reverse ATMs (cash input to receive pre-loaded cards) are available in Section 112 Jays Shop and at Sections 136 and 508 for fans without a cashless payment option.” How interesting is it that ATMs have transitioned to now provide the opposite service? People are being encouraged to turn their cash into cards instead of using their cards to withdraw cash.

“Reverse ATMs allow users to instantly convert their physical currency notes into an active prepaid VISA or Mastercard to enable them to make cashless transactions for amenities like team merchandise, snacks and tickets,” explains, “Reverse ATMs are freestanding kiosks with a large touchscreen that is as easy to navigate as a smartphone or tablet and the process from cash to card takes as little as sixty seconds.”

It should probably comes as no surprise that the world of sports is embracing a cashless revolution. Gone are the days of fumbling through pockets for loose change to buy a hot dog or a souvenir. Today, an increasing number of stadiums and sports facilities are bidding farewell to cash and welcoming the future of transactions. Let’s examine a couple of the benefits of running a cashless venue.

Convenience and efficiency.

Cashless stadiums and sports facilities offer a myriad of benefits to both fans and organizers. With cashless transactions, fans no longer need to carry wads of cash or worry about losing their wallets. Instead, they can rely on their smartphones, smartwatches or contactless cards to make seamless purchases. In addition, this method reduces wait times at concession stands, allowing fans to spend more time enjoying the game and less time waiting in lines.

Contactless payment systems, mobile wallets and RFID wristbands enable fans to make quick and secure payments with simple taps or swipes. Moreover, venues are integrating loyalty programs and personalized offers into their cashless platforms, enhancing the fan experience and fostering customer loyalty.

Enhanced safety and security.

Cash transactions are not only cumbersome but also pose security risks. By eliminating cash, stadiums and sports facilities reduce the chances of theft, counterfeit bills and lost money. Cashless payments provide a more secure environment, safeguarding both the fans and the venue’s operations. As well, the digital trail left by cashless transactions offers better accountability and transparency, making it easier to track and manage finances.

Are you thinking of turning your business into a cashless venue?

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