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Why Hosting A Holiday Party Is Good For Business

Even though November is yet to close out, many companies throughout Canada have already held their holiday parties. Many others are waiting until the holiday season gets closer to throw their shindigs. No matter the size of your company, it’s a good idea to host a holiday celebration. It’s more than just a fun way to celebrate the holidays. Believe it or not, hosting a holiday party is good for business!

It boosts employee morale.

It has often been said that a happy staff is a productive staff. When members of your team are having fun, they are a lot more likely to put strong efforts into their work. By hosting a holiday party, you enable your team members to take loads off and just enjoy themselves. Interacting with their co-workers and colleagues in a non-work setting helps for them to be themselves. They will get to know each other better and relish in the fact they are employed by your business.

“The end of the year often consists of meeting many simultaneous deadlines, tying up loose ends, and pushing harder to meet end-of-year goals,” points out the Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness (CMOE), “Even employees who work at companies with strong cultures will often feel a dip in morale as December comes to a close. Holiday parties are an opportunity to reinvigorate employees and remind them of the reasons why they chose to work for your company.”

It celebrates diversity.

One of Canada’s greatest traits is that it is a diverse nation. It is quite likely your team is made up of individuals of various backgrounds and cultures. Your holiday party should serve as a welcome mat to people from all walks of life. Encourage them to share their traditions via food, wardrobe, music and other unique aspects of their cultures. Showcasing your brand as being welcoming of all cultures makes it that much better to work for.

“If you are like most modern companies, chances are you have a diverse, multicultural team,” agrees California’s Innovate Marketing Group, “That means you need to plan an event that truly represents the different values of your employees and celebrates their differences.  Your company’s Holiday Parties should be a mix of flavours, colours, and traditions. Just another opportunity to show that you care and that you have a company culture that rocks!” 

It connects employees with members of upper management.

Has your team of workers ever met with members of upper management? If not, you may have created an unintentional disconnect between your company’s employees. At a holiday party, team members are able to mix and mingle with fellow employees they may have never met. This helps to bridge the gap between the “higher ups” and the workers on the front line.

“If you want your corporate culture to include a sense of trust in company leadership, it’s important for employees to have opportunities to interact and build rapport with their management team,” says the CMOE, “Holiday parties provide a chance for employees to meet and get to know managers and executives away from the pressures of the office, and employees are more likely to trust and approve of leaders they know personally.”

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