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How Holiday Parties Can Boost Employee Productivity

The time has come for us all to celebrate the holidays with our co-workers and employees. In our last blog, we pointed out that hosting a holiday party is actually good for business. That’s because it boosts employee morale, celebrates diversity and connects your employees with members of upper management. Holiday parties are well known for boosting employee productivity. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how.

They provide opportunities for recognition.

Company holiday parties should be much more than just festive celebrations. They should also serve as demonstrations of gratitude and appreciation. When a holiday function is used to highlight the accomplishments of your staff members, it provides an excellent morale booster. It also showcases the value your company places on its employees. This goes a long way in growing employee satisfaction and minimizing turnover.

“Your company holiday parties are great opportunities to celebrate organizational milestones, recognize teamwork efforts, and honour your top performers,” says California’s Innovate Marketing Group, “By awarding outstanding performances, you are also setting new standards or desired behaviours. In order words, you are promoting a culture of excellence.”   

They promote a strong company culture.

Sure, your employees come into work every day in order to earn incomes. However, what makes people want to come into work is the positive environment that greets them each morning. Having a strong company culture involves recognizing the value of your staff members. It’s important that people are engaged, energized and excited when in their work spaces. A holiday party helps to showcase how wonderful it is to work for your company.

“Office holiday parties provide a chance for leaders to reinforce their ideal company culture in a fun, rewarding way,” contends the Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness (CMOE), “Are you trying to create a more formal, traditional culture? Plan a high-class party. Maybe make it a black-tie affair. If your company culture is really laid back, choose a theme that reflects that casual nature.”

They grow unity amongst team members.

Depending on the size of your company, you may have employees who have never met each other. Most often, employees only interact with members of their own departments. At a holiday party, team members can get the chance to meet and get to know people from other branches and offices. As Innovate Marketing Group points out, holiday events have always been great for team bonding.

“They are perfect moments to connect away from our daily routines and engage in conversations outside our normal routine,” notes their website, “Specific activities can help employees get to know members of other departments or even discover they have many things in common with the leadership of the company.” 

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