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Whoever Said Progress Was A Slow Process Wasn't Talking About Synergy

The interesting part of our business is just how surprised and motivated our clients and business owners become when as they go through our underwriting process. Something we have learned over the past 36 months or so is that it is always easier to keep a customer than to find a new one.

With that philosophy in mind, Synergy Merchant Services is continuing to pioneer this new alternative funding option for Canadian business owners.

As competitive as you may believe the market to be for Merchant Cash Advances based on factoring credit and debit transactions, the demand continues to grow each day.

Since our conception, the online market for merchant funding is appearing to become more competitive with many other merchant cash advance companies appearing in advertisements more frequently. Let’s outline the primary differences between us and them;

1) We do not require you to re-location your business banking account.
2) In most cases, you can stay with your current processor!
3) We fund you faster; and will always offer the best rates possible.

Synergy Merchant Services is the pioneer for merchant cash advances within Canada.

Settle for nothing less than your best solution. When you’re exploring your funding options as a business owner, we understand how important it is for you to move forward on terms that make sense. Let us review your options with you.

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