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Which Businesses Most Benefit From Summertime Renovations?

With less than a month to go until the beginning of the summer, business owners everywhere are considering ways to heat things up. Just one way to generate excitement about your brand is to spruce things up in the décor department. Have you been considering a renovation of your business space? Summertime is the perfect season for many businesses to embark on renovations. But which businesses would most benefit from summertime renovations?


Eateries, bars & grills, pubs – these often-exciting atmospheres can make great strides after undergoing renovations. For example, outdoor dining areas, like patios and rooftop terraces, can be expanded or updated. That way, they’ll be able to attract more customers who are looking to enjoy meals in the pleasant weather. What about the inside? A refreshed interior with a new design, expanded seating and brighter lighting can enhance the dining experience.

Is your kitchen in need of an upgrade? Perhaps, it’s time your establishment steps things up with modern appliances or better ventilation systems. They can go a long way in improving both efficiency and safety. “New lighting and electrical systems, better thermal control, and double-pane windows can all help save you money on energy expenses as well as help you protect the environment,” affirms British Columbia’s Hyline Construction.

Retail stores.

The majority of retail stores see huge surges during the summertime. This is generally because warm and sunny weather encourages more people to leave their homes to go shopping. So is summer a good time for a renovation? Well, in many cases, fresh and modern looks work to draw in both new customers and regulars. The changes don’t have to be huge. You could always update your storefront with new windows, doors and signage to boost curb appeal.

Inside the store, you may want to redesign the layout, install new shelving and improve the lighting. These changes would help to make shopping experiences more enjoyable. “An improved store layout and design not only increases productivity but also boosts customer satisfaction,” attests Edmonton’s Belvan Construction, “Satisfied customers will become ambassadors of your business and recommend your store to others.”


Every summer, hotels and resorts enjoy increases in the number of guests they entertain. After all, summertime is synonymous with vacationing. It’s a great idea to renovate your suites, common areas and outdoor amenities. Consider upgrades such as modern bathrooms, comfortable furnishings and high-tech amenities. These will help to set your property apart from competitors.

In addition, you could both improve efficiency and reduce operational costs with new windows, insulation and HVAC systems. “Renovations improve operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance staff productivity,” states the UK’s Cvent, “How? Install energy-efficient systems to streamline workflows and optimize space utilization to save money and time. Your workforce will probably thank you, too.”

Are you looking to renovate your place of business this summer?

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