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Is Your Place Of Business In Need Of A Makeover This Summer?

In our last blog, we pointed out certain businesses that can definitely benefit from renovations in the summertime. They included restaurants, retail stores and hotels. However, our list wasn’t finished. In today’s blog, we’ll continue our list with more businesses that should be taking advantages of a makeover this summer.


As we all know, schools, colleges and many training centres are on break during the summertime. Arguably, no industry is better suited for renovations when summer hits. Is it time to revitalize your classrooms with new technology, furniture and improved layouts? Also, what about the libraries, cafeterias and lounges? Are they due for more comfortable seating and lighting? Don’t forget to improve the sports fields and recreational spaces.

Orlando’s Poli Construction reminds us that safety is the number one priority in schools. “A remodel can improve safety and security measures through the installation of secured entrances, security cameras, and emergency response systems,’ says their website, “These upgrades will provide students, staff, and parents with greater peace of mind and can help improve safety measures in your school.”


A lot of people are intent on having summer bodies. In other words, the warm and sunny season is the time of year when showing off your muscles is a commonplace activity. With so many people focused on fitness during the summer, it makes sense for your gym to add new equipment, update the locker rooms and improve its overall layout. As well, you can enhance the lighting and add a fresh paint job to boost the ambiance of your fitness centre.

You may also wish to create outdoor workout areas. “Renovating your fitness centre can enhance the customer experience for everyone who visits your facility,” informs San Diego’s AH Construction, “From the moment they walk in the door until the time they leave, you want every customer to have a positive experience at your center. By making renovations, you’ll be able to create a better environment for both current and future members.”


Continuing with the theme of health and wellness, spas and wellness centres can benefit from upgrading their treatment rooms. Add new furniture, fixtures and technology to enhance the client experience. As well, set up some outdoor relaxation areas. Provide comfortable seating and natural elements like plants and water features to create a serene escape. In addition, improved lighting and updated décor can also contribute to a soothing environment.

“You, your employees, and your clients understand your facility well,” says the Spa Industry Association, “Some may have suggested improvements through the years. Maybe you need more room for messages and less for wellness consults…Within your space, the possibilities can be endless. You may already have the vision in mind. All you have to do is hire contractors and secure the funds to complete your dream remodel.”

Are you ready to give your place of business a makeover?

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