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A Continued Look At How To Make Your Eatery A Summertime Hot Spot

Things are heating up! The wonderfully warm weather we’ve been experiencing lately is a reminder that the start of summer is just around the corner. As we pointed out in our last blog, this time of year is an exciting time for restaurateurs. We suggested that they find some unique ways to heat things up in their eateries. They included offering sunset specials, conducting interactive cooking classes and partnering with local farmers and artisans.

In today’s blog, we’ll continue our look at how to make your eatery a summertime hot spot!

Host dog-friendly days.

There are many dog lovers out there. One of their dilemmas is where to leave their beloved pets when they go out to eat. Solve that problem by giving their furry friends access to your restaurant’s patio. You may even wish to devise a special menu for pets. It could feature small meals that are safe for dogs. Get in touch with local pet stores and groomers to help advertise this special promotion. Animal lovers will love you for it!

According to WebstaurantStore, “patios with dogs are a big draw to customers walking by your establishment. Many foodservice establishments in cities rely on foot traffic to bring in new business, and if your restaurant patio has dogs, it can convince passersby with their own dogs to stop in and make an order.”

Launch a summer music series.

Who doesn’t love live music during the summertime? Turn your eatery into a small but vibrant concert venue by featuring live performances from local bands and musicians. Host these events on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. In your marketing, be sure to encourage attendees to make reservations in advance. This will help to ensure a steady flow of customers. This strategy not only supports local talent, but differentiates your restaurant from its competition.

“You can schedule two different kinds of music and performers on different days, and see which works best,” suggests TheFork, “Once you are able to identify a pattern of success and clearly see which are the best nights for your concerts, you can set the schedule so clients will know what to expect, also allowing you to better promote them.”

Set up a DIY sangria bar.

What fun! Allow your customers to mix and match their favourite fruits, wines and mixers to create their own custom sangrias. Set up the bar on your patio or in a designated area of your restaurant. Provide a variety of fresh fruits, herbs and wine options and let your guests go to town. Encourage your customers to get creative and share their concoctions online using your eatery’s unique hashtag.

“Try grabbing some fresh cut fruits from the grocery store,” recommends Dish It Girl, “Or maybe exploring the farmers market for whats its (sic) in season. You can use anything from mango to pineapple, to watermelon, and mixed berries the options are plenty.”

Get in touch with Synergy Merchants!

Let’s discuss how our unique merchant cash advance program can help your eatery to become a summertime hot spot. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at You can also apply online for a free, no obligation quote!

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