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Try The Alternative

Imagine, if you will, the following scenario. Perhaps it’s one that you are familiar with. You’re at home. You’re hungry. There’s nothing at all in the fridge or the cupboards to eat. So you figure it’d be a good idea to order out. When thinking of having a meal delivered straight to your doorstep, what is the first type of food that comes to mind?

For most people, it’s pizza. Our society is quite used to ordering pizza as a delivered-hot-to-your-home option for quick and easy-to-get food. As a result, pizza restaurants have no need to call customers to introduce the concept of pizza delivery. Most people have pizza store phone numbers memorized, so ordering up something to eat is an easy task.

But what if, in the same scenario, you decided that since there was no food in the house, it was necessary to get some groceries? What would you do then? For most people, the simple answer is to go the grocery store. This is generally the case even though there are businesses in existence who deliver groceries to your front door.

The concept of grocery delivery, of course, is not as popular as ordering pizza. Many find that they would be more comfortable going to the grocery store to choose their own produce, for example. The familiarity that comes with doing your own shopping encourages most people to not want to change that practice. The bottom line is that most people simply are not yet used to the grocery delivery concept.

Think of pizza delivery as the bank’s business loan. And consider that grocery delivery is Synergy’s merchant cash advance program. Both are viable options for business owners to attain extra working capital. However, one option just simply happens to be more popular than the other. It doesn’t necessarily make it the better option, it’s just the one that people are used to.

For the most part, there is nothing strange or abnormal about going to the bank to borrow money. It’s what people have been doing for years and years. The merchant cash advance concept, on the other hand, is one that is still relatively new for most business owners. As a result, some choose to go the traditional route simply because the familiarity associated with it brings about a sense of comfort.

The point, of course, is that the alternative option, albeit unfamiliar to most, is not necessarily a bad idea. For all we know, within the next decade, ordering groceries to your front door will be just as popular as ordering pizza. It is our firm belief that within the same amount of time, Canadian entrepreneurs will be better aquainted with the concept of the merchant cash advance.

We predict that there will be a time in the near future when we won’t need a call centre with reps calling business owners to introduce our program. We are confident that more and more business owners will be seeking the convenience of a merchant cash advance to put towards the growth of their businesses.

Our advice is to simply give our amazing staff the opportunity to introduce you to this alternative source of working capital. You may just find, that even though you are not yet familiar with this concept, our cash advance program is the ideal option for your company’s quest for working capital.

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